Thursday, December 07, 2006

If you see me writing:
  • Don't ask me what I'm writing.
  • Say, "Hey!"
  • Scare me.
  • Read what I'm writing.
  • Throw something on my desk.
  • Wait for me until I'm "finished."
  • Say, "Oops! I'll come back. Keep on writing what you were writing."
If you see me writing:
  • Walk right past me.
  • Slip slowly away like a ninja wearing anti-gravity boots and an Elven Cloak Of Invisibility.
  • Leave me flowers and chocolates and tiny, pinky-sized twelve pack bottles of beer.
  • Give me the respect that I deserve as a concentrating genius, take quiet notes with a rubber pencil on a very soft pad of un-scratchy paper. You're watching literary history, soak it in.
  • Don't think I'm faking being busy if I'm doing nothing but staring at a Word document. I'm thinking - which is writing, but just in its teething stages. Huh?
  • Slip a dollar in my pocket without me noticing. Thanks for that, brutha.

If you see me writing:

  • It's perfectly okay to disregard all of these guidelines only, and I say ONLY're totally hot.

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