Friday, February 09, 2007

Do you remember how to skip?

You know, "skipping"...

hop skip hop la la head tilting back and forth, flowers in hand preferably to school in an old wooden building - huh?

No, seriously I was walking back to the office down the long empty hallway, because it's Friday and thought to myself, "Self? This would be a good hallway to skip across."

So I started to a little, but was afraid to fully commit because...why? Seriously, I mean, what was I afraid of? Falling? There wasn't anybody around. I'm not wary of anyone questioning my sexuality because I'm comfortable in my hetero/metrosexual skin and I bet macho men skip by themselves when the wife goes to sleep - but maybe I was afraid that skipping really doesn't serve a purpose unless you're Laura Ingalls from Little House On The Prairie. Maybe I stopped because when you're older, anything that expends more energy than necessary is definitely a no-no because we need to conserve our energy should the young ones decide to eat us or shuffle us off to convalescent homes.

And then when I got back inside the office, I wanted to ask everybody if they remembered how to skip but they we're all talking about something wonderful KushCash development-wise, so I didn't mention anything. I imagined that an office full of guys and and girls skipping around desks would be funny and maybe the equivalent of when you ask a right-handed person to throw a baseball with their left hand. Many yuk yuks usually ensue.

So, here I am now, hunched over and pecking away on the KushCash blog with "The Sexy Never Left" title that I should change, because now it's not as funny, if it was ever at all.

And that's all folks. It's Friday at 5:32 in the p.m., in the O.C., 02/09/07 in the "21C".

Stick a fork in me - I'm done.

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