Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Incredible Mr. Limpet...

There were about five different things that I was going to write about but I ended up getting so distracted that I forgot them all. I lost a friggin' HUGE document that I was working on, but "J" and "S" helped me find it again. And yes, I DID have my auto-save set - but I was un-installing a bunch of dumb, Yahoo crap and then my computer automatically restarted and I lost what I'd been working on for the last couple of hours. Anyway...that was an amazingly boring and typical story, wasn't it? That really sucked.
I've walked out of the grocery store without my groceries a couple of times. I ask people the same questions repeatedly because I have a horrible memory and I'm rude. I once was at my front door and panicked because I couldn't find my house keys. I patted my pockets in horror, trying to think back to when I last had them. Dude. In my running car. I'm serious. My car was still running. I've waited tables and would sometimes catch myself thinking too far ahead to try to get everything on task. So, this would mean that I'd sometimes catch myself in the walk-in freezer with a customer's hot food or walk past a table and end up with their drinks in the kitchen. Yes, I know. I suck.
But, I know an amazing amount of information about comic books. Yeah.

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